Long-Term Care

What are the chances I'll need long term care?

Your likelihood of needing long term care increases as you get older, if you live alone, and if you're a woman. Your family and individual medical history also play a major role in determining whether or not you will need lonh term care.

General population statistics are very informative. Approximately 70 percent of Americans over the age of 65 will need some level of long term care services in their lifetime with 40 percent needing care in a nursing home. The average length of stay in a nursing home is 2.6 years. Older persons aren't the only ones needing long term care. Over 40% of Americans receiving long term care are between the ages of 18 and 64.

No one really knows at what age he or she may experience a paralyzing accident, suffer a stroke, or be diagnosed with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease or some other debilitating condition.

…70% over age 65 will need Long Term Care